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Antique Restoration
Do you have a prized heirloom that is looking the worse for wear? A loveseat with a broken leg or an antique hopechest that has been damaged by water? Whether you need new parts custom-made or restoration to save treasured pieces of furniture, Ace Furniture can help. Our expert craftsmen will bring your piece back to life, using careful and meticulous techniques that utilize as much of the existing antique materials, and keep your piece as authentic as possible.

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Ace Furniture Refinishers specializes in antique restoration and has over 30 years of experience to prove it. Here are some of our restoration services:
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Here are some of the most common antique pieces we see: parlor chairs, humpback, flat trunks and cedar hope chests, antique cabinets of all types, buffet, hoosier cabinets, Victorian tufted couches, loveseats, chests of drawers, marble-topped dressers, vanities, tables, armoirs (wardrobe), mirrors, Pedestal, Lincoln, Spindle , wicker or upholstered rockers, dining room sets or antique cradles. (vintage)

Missing or Deteriorated Parts
We use as much of the existing material as possible, or attempt to work within the period's style on everything from attempting to match hardware to hand-carving a chair leg to match the others in both finish and design.
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At Ace Furniture, we treat each piece with upmost care. Regluing a leg or chair rung can increase the life-span and value of your pieces by keeping them in top shape.
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Gold-Leafing Restoration
Gold-leafing can be part of a restoration where our craftsmen apply sheet gold along a border, edging, or decorative finish. You may also have your piece 'gold-painted', with hand-painted designs or trim upon frames, desktops, sculptures or other furniture.
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Vintage Hardware
Hardware includes: casters, locks and keys, hinges, pulls, knobs, escutcheons (the keyholes), cabinet and cupboard latches, and trunk ornaments. We will attempt to locate the appropriate hardware for that time-period, and install it onto your antique piece. Our craftsmen can replicate the same type of joints used in the antique’s structure, and will try to re-use the original nails where possible to maintain the authenticity of the pieces.
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Antique Trunk Restoration
Our craftsmen specialize in trunks. They can replace rotten planks, restore the original finish, replace upholstery with period-style fabrics, and replace any missing or damaged trunk hardware with style-appropriate pieces. Ace Furniture has restored many flat trunks and cedar hope chests to mint condition!
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Antique Finish Restoration
We also specialize in reviving the original patina (the natural sheen in the wood surface) in the finish.
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Antique Burnishing
One of the areas we specialize in with antique restoration is removal of dirt and burnishing the finish. This removes years of built-up dirt residues and old polishes. A protective sealant or wax can be used to protect and show the original finish. ( This process is called refreshing)
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Structural Rebuilding
If your antique piece has a foundation that has become unstable or has been damaged, we can renew the life of this piece. We take apart the structure, reglue and reinforce it to create a more stable structure if needed. This can add years of life to an unstable piece, prevent any further damage to the foundation and increase its market value.
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Cane, Rush or Wicker Replacement
Cane/rush or wicker replacement as needed, using the original design or style to keep the piece as authentic as possible. Ace Furniture has expert artisans who are familiar with replicating period-styles to match as closely as possible. Visit our caning page to learn more about the processes we use!
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Restyling Antiques
Occasionally we will restyle antique pieces upon request to be used as an entertainment center or other functional item. While we do strive to keep antique pieces as authentic as possible, this option allows for a piece to be integrated into a more contemporary setting.
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