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Furniture Hand-Caning
Caning is replacing pre-woven cane found on chairs, benches, etc or replacing cane that is hand-woven onto a chair panel. Ace Furniture has a specialist that can hand-weave cane into your piece and stain it to match any other existing pieces or color scheme.

Cane is made out of rattan, commonly found in Asia. The rattan is soaked to soften it and then manipulated into intricate weaves or designs. Splint-seats can be created in a cross-hatch weave; rawhide can be used for a distinctive more rustic appearance for antiques, Danish Cord a specialty cord commonly used on Danish furniture designs.

  • Wickerwork
  • Rewrapping
  • Patched- rewoven wicker work

Repairs can be done on the existing wooden structure as well, if necessary.

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