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Furniture Refinishing
Most pieces of furniture need a little care as they age. One of the first things to show wear and tear is the wood finish, with a cracked or dull finish that may be worn down to expose the raw wood. Ace Furniture uses time-proven methods to carefully restore the finish to a lustrious rich color and repair any imperfections on the wood's surface.

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Refinishing is done with the customerís tastes on color and amount of sheen or special finishes such as crackle, 2-color combination glazes, faux finishes, and painted opaque finishes.

When you pick up your piece after it is refinished, it will be restored to a glowing sheen. We will help you find the perfect color while allowing the natural grain of the wood to show.

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The Refinishing Process
The furniture refinishing process involves removing the old finish by hand (we do not dip), repairing the condition of the wood by sanding out imperfections, filling in dents, gouges, etc, staining the wood if needed with dye or oil stains, and then adding sealant and laquer to complete the process.

We use 2-6 coats of lacquer, giving our customers the options from flat to high gloss finishes on the wood. The purpose of the finish is to protect the wood. Our craftsmen prefer laquer finishes because they are so versatile ó a modern-day varnish that allows for a good strong finish that lasts for years and protects the piece.
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