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Furniture Repairs
If you have a dining room chair that is missing rungs, has come unglued, has lost casters, or is falling apart, our repairmen will restore your piece to new. Ace has experts for making new pieces and matching the existing finish, reglueing, stabilizing or replacing damaged cane, rush or wood parts.

Drawers can be reattached and reglued when sides separate from the face plate. Our repairmen can create wood splices to bring back the strong foundation if part of the wood has deteriorated and is no longer stable. New sides may be custom-made if the wood is rotten, tamboor slats can be made for rolltop desks, or we can custom-manufacture turned rungs or legs. These legs can be made decorative or with intricate designs.

We do splint seat repairs to reweave damaged rushed or caned chairs. Re-wrapping can be done for wrapped rattan chairs. Hand caning and rushing can also be done, as well as wicker repairs (reweaving). Visit our caning page to learn more about the processes we use!

We work with all types of furniture, including everything from mirrors, musical instruments, glass replacement, touchup and refreshing of finishes when a whole job is not needed, or restoration to antique pieces. If the piece can not be moved from your home (a room divider or large piece), in-home touch-ups can be done upon request.

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