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Furniture Specialty Work
While most of the work we do at Ace is specialty work; we are well-known for our custom-built and designed pieces, hand-woven caning, or hand-sewn upholstery craftsmanship. Let us create a signature piece just for you!

We can custom-build furniture from scratch, based off a design or picture, using both specified wood types and finishes, custom-turned legs, decorative applications, carvings, gold-gilding, and hardware selection.

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Our rebuilding skills include:
  • replacing or recreating legs and panels
  • re-designing table tops or leaves with and without aprons
  • redesigning of a structure to be more comfortable
  • adding structural supports
  • copper-plating
  • re-styling upholstery
  • we can custom mix our own color samples as well
We can construct anything based off your needs. Our craftsmen can work with all different types of styles and materials, from all over the world.

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