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Furniture Upholstery
If your couch is no longer comfortable, the fabric is frayed or soiled, or if it no longer suits your tastes or décor, our craftsmen can transform the piece into a completely new couch.

Our staff commonly works on older furniture. Our improvements will be superior to what is on the market today because of the handiwork of our skilled artisans. This also increases the value of the furniture and preserves it for years to come.

Find out more about our upholstery techniques by clicking here.

Our upholsterers can help with:
  • replacement of horsehair in older antiques
  • leather work on upholstered pieces, table or desktops
  • woodwork or caning restoration if needed
  • replacing couch skirts,cushions or throw pillows
  • 'spring-ups': re-tying, replacing of collaspsed or damaged springs

The Upholstery Process
The upholstery process usually includes adding padding, springs and fabric to the wooden structure of furniture to make it both comfortable and colorful.

We begin by removing the old fabric, padding and springs. We carefully check the frame for possible needed repairs to extend the life of the piece. Our upholsterer then adds new jute webbing and re-ties the springs. New burlap and padding (cotton, hand-sewn edge-roll if needed)are added and covered with upholstery fabrics. Cushions are hand-made, and in some cases are made from foam or cotton with springs.

Upholstery repairs are also important to extend the value of the furniture as well as preserve its lifespan.

‘Spring-ups’, are commonly done to improve the comfort of a piece. Everything is removed from the frame and the springs are re-tied to fix an uneven area in the couch, springs protruding through the padding, or when the piece becomes uncomfortable. New webbing and padding are always installed. Original fabric can be re-installed if desired, or a new fabric can be chosen to give a new look to the piece.

Wooden parts in the infrastructure of the piece can be replaced as well as legs or other wooden pieces if needed.

New horsehair can be replaced instead of foam if desired. Horsehair lasts longer than foam, and is more flame-resistant. Many older antiques use horsehair.

Our upholsterer can also do ‘wrap seats’ — one piece of fabric that covers the wooden foundation or sewn seats without seams or stitching shown. This allows for a more designed appearance and a thicker roomier cushion.

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